duolog design


DOS is a platform that acts as a bridge to connect designers and furniture buyers. It is a design open solution & source platform with Creative Commons that gathers furniture seekers and designers to collaborate and create solutions. Our mission is to reduce costs and pollutions caused by the mass production in the furniture industry. We strive to achieve the goal of producing every piece of furniture for real demand in order to reduce resource consumption. With DOS, we envision a cleaner world, where a balanced supply and demand scale exists.

Furniture can be seen as a piece of artwork at home. The growing trend of seeking unique furniture among furniture seekers inspires us to create DOS platform to connect designers and buyers. Our platform enables furniture seekers to pick through a variety of design uploaded by the designer or interdisciplinary specialist. Then, they can find their own ways, such as making it themselves or outsourcing to local furniture carpenters, to build and customize their desired pieces. We aim to design easily made furniture that every individual can build without professional skills or tools. On the other hand, we believe designers benefit from learning the need and taste of current consumers. By sharing the two values “Open source” and “Design for the solution,” DOS creates a win-win solution for all platform users.

Please donate for these designs and free download the drawing and instructions to create your own object.

Appreciate for your support.